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LEGO® Hero Factory

Protect Witch Doctor from the heroes! Get ready, heroes! Witch Doctor's servant, Fangz, has been sighted! This ferocious beast will defend its master with everything it's got, including the jaw-mounted spears and corrupted quaza spike. When Fangz appears, the Witch Doctor is close. So set proximity sensors to maximum! Features jaw-mounted spears and corrupted quaza spike. Fire jaw-mounted spears at the heroes! Stands over 6'' (16cm) tall.



LEGO® Hero Factory
Rocka XL

Rocka is the only hope for saving Quatros! All of the other heroes are busy holding off Witch Doctor's beasts and they are starting to run low on energy. Only Rocka has enough power to stop Witch Doctor before he drains jungle planet Quatros of its quaza. Blast into battle and save the planet from certain destruction! Features double blade claw combo tool. Equipped with lion animal power Rocka's specialties are speed, strength and ferocity. Measures over 11'' (29cm) long.



LEGO® Hero Factory
Witch Doctor

Stage an epic battle against the heroes for the planet Quatros! This is it, heroes! Witch Doctor has a nasty plan for jungle planet Quatros - to steal the planet's very life force - its quaza! If he's not stopped before it's too late, the planet will break into pieces. Battle through his corrupted helpers, the beasts, to get to him! Beware of his mighty power staff! Features skull-decorated power staff equipped with dual shooter and claw. Power up Witch Doctor's mighty staff and battle! Measures over 14'' (36cm) tall.



LEGO® Technic
Rescue Helicopter

Make daring rescues with this helicopter. The LEGO® Technic Rescue Helicopter has 408 pieces to build a rescue helicopter with sophisticated functions such as rotating propellers, retracting landing gear and a winch that can be lowered to enable rescue. It also has sliding doors that can be opened and a control panel that can be used to spin the main and tail rotors. This is a 2-in-1 helicopter kit that can also be rebuilt into a medical helicopter.



LEGO® Technic
Jet Plane

Streak across the sky with this realistic jet plane. Jump in the cockpit, close the canopy and take off! Operate the retractable landing gear and working ailerons, then sweep the wings back and go supersonic! It's just like the real thing! Rebuilds into a aerobatic plane; a 2-in-1 kit!



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